Boss’s Day

October 16th is Boss’s Day. Oh, you didn’t know either? Whether you’re prepared or not, or even choose participate in such a celebration, there is some buzz around the office water coolers.
Today, my friend asked for advice on a gift idea for her boss. I took a deep breath and put my thinking cap on. I drew from my own personal experiences with my fearless leaders, and also as a daughter of a CEO, who is a gift recipient each and every Boss’s Day.
I do think gifts for those in management are tricky. But, I also think those in management appreciate being appreciated. Not everyone can take their boss to lunch, but it would be a nice treat. Not everyone can afford to add a golf club to the boss’s bag, or send the boss lady to the spa. So, here are three thoughtful gift ideas that everyone can participate in:
1. A note of gratitude. Break out the stationary or pick up a greeting card, and handwrite a note that expresses your appreciation. Sometimes a thank you and an ‘atta boy or atta girl’ is just what people need.
2. A donation to their preferred charity or their alma matter. It does not have to be a large amount of money. The acknowledgement of what is important to your boss will be priceless to them.
3. Something that can be shared. Allow others in the office to celebrate the head honcho with donuts or a cake, or anything that can create fellowship and recognition within the office. Just make sure everyone knows why there are treats.
If all else fails, make sure you are on time to work! And maybe don’t check Facebook too often. Every boss likes productivity!


Supporting the Fight Against Breast Cancer


With the turn of the calendar to October, the world has gone pink once again! We know that the color pink is not magical, but rather powerful. Every pink ribbon represents a willingness to create awareness for breast cancer, especially early detection. Pink is the rally color that unites supporters and survivors that team up to beat breast cancer, and it is the color that honors the fight of breast cancer warriors, whether the battles were won or lost. 

Our mother, whom we now lovingly refer to as Mother Sapphire with the creation of the Opal and Ruby blog, is a breast cancer survivor. She received her diagnosis in February of 2012. After a mastectomy and aggressive doses of chemotherapy, she is now cancer free! We are not naive to think that fundraising efforts of private donors and major corporations to breast cancer research did not effect Mother Sapphire’s breast cancer journey. Each year…each month…each day…each hour…there are new developments in the fight against breast cancer. And for that we are grateful! 

There are so many companies that have joined the fight against breast cancer, and give to organizations that are fighting the good fight. Their willingness to create awareness with their products helps spread the message of early detection, education, research, and fundraising. These products go beyond the pink ribbon, but still make a big statement.

We support and salute all breast cancer survivors and pioneers, and those we’ve lost who create a greater fight in us all. This is a cause near and dear to our hearts, and if it is for you as well, here are a few ways that we can give to keep the research going!

LOFT is currently offering a jewelry collection, Live in Pink, by Suzzana Dai inspired by Giuliana Rancic, a breast cancer survivor. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation will receive sixty percent of the purchase price on each item.


TARGET has again teamed up with the make up line by Sonia Kashuk, and created The Proudly Pink make up brush set that will give fifteen percent of the purchase price to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

STELLA & DOT is promoting breast cancer awareness and research with their Breast Cancer Awareness Boutique. In October all net proceeds will go to the Noreen Fraser Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to raising funds for women’s cancer research.

NEW BALANCE has joined with Susan G. Komen for the Cure with the VIA Slim Komen pedometer. Not only is five percent of the suggested retail price going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, New Balance is also donating a minimum $500,00 to the cause.